Pahokee, FLORIDA

I’m in Pahokee, Florida doing a feature story about the Pahokee High School football program for the Michigan Daily.  Pahokee is an extremely poor area loaded with crime but the area has a history of producing phenomenal athletes especially football players(i.e. Fred Taylor, Anquan Boldin).  For most of these kids, football is their ticket out of town.  They’re pretty much playing for their lives and it’s obvious they want to do something about it.  This year they have 14 players on their roster heading off to D-1 colleges playing ball.

The sports editor Andy Reid and I drove down monday morning and after twenty hours, we arrived to the Muck City.  We walked around today and wandered over to the high school to talk to the coach and discovered the season is already underway.  Head coach Blaze Thompson (Pahokee native who won state championship in 1989 as student) was the man and let us hang out for the afternoon.  Here’s what it looked like.


Dazzle Me Formal




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