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So I have a website now. You can find it at MaxCollinsPhotography.com. The portfolio is only temporary because I’m in the process of applying to the Buffalo News for an internship next summer and using the site to display my work specifically for the job.  Until that is figured out, I’ll be in the process of designing more pages so I can call the entire site my own instead of hosting through carbonmade.

I have some new work to show.  Last week, the michigan daily put out their annual hockey preview section. The feature story was goalie Bryan Hogan.  We met up at Yost Arena before the team started practicing to get some shots inside the locker room as well as a portrait of Mr. Hogan.  As it goes in the world of sports portraits we were given no time to work as we were only allowed less than five minutes with the goalie to photograph him.  I’m not thrilled with the end product, but with the constraints; not bad.  Fellow photographer from the paper Said Alsalah assisted on lights.

Check it:


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Drove back to Ann Arbor from Buffalo on saturday for the annual Michigan football media day.
Being limited with extra hands, I was able to bring my good friend and life long Michigan football fan, Dan Brown to assist me.


The Pahokee story (part one/part two) is done!  I was waiting for media day to do a portrait of the three of them.  It ended up being three photos stitched together, but i’m pretty darn happy.

More to come

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